GTEC 2016

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GTEC is the primary forum where government and private sector communities gather to exchange ideas and advance the business of ICT in government. This knowledge and professional development conference features thought-provoking keynotes, seminars, panels, workshops and round-table discussions on a comprehensive selection of ICT topics presented by leading public sector and industry experts.

The Exhibition showcases the most relevant ICT software, platforms and services helping to drive the public sector forward.

Maplesoft, one of the leading providers of professional services to the Government of Canada, and FICO, a world-leader in Analytics Software Tools and Technologies, have teamed (announcement attached) to bring to the Government of Canada access to the most powerful set of analytics capabilities anywhere in the marketplace.

From decision support, resource management/allocation, predictive analytics, optimization models, modeling policy implications, fraud prevention/detection, identity management, structured/unstructured analytics and cyber security, FICO has software applications ready for deployment.  These tools can easily work with your new and/or legacy databases and information systems, allow for rules to be changed by the business users and can be implemented in short timeframes allowing for immediate payback/ROI.  Maplesoft has the contract vehicles and people  that can support the adoption of these tools and technologies.

Come visit Booth 106 at GTEC 2016, Nov 2-3 and plan to take in the workshop led by Jamie Chaban, one of FICO’s leading Analytics SMEs as he addresses Dynamics of Conquering Complexity and Decision Through Analytics: Intersection of Analytics and Big Data on Thursday, November 3rd from 12:00 – 1:00 PM in the Workshop Theatre.

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