PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is the leading project management method adopted in over 150 countries around the word. PRINCE2 is generic and can be applied to any project regardless of the project scale, type, organization, geography and culture.

  • The Structure of PRINCE2
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The Structure of PRINCE2

The PRINCE2 methodology has four integrated element; principles, themes, processes and tailoring the project to its environment. 

Copyright © AXELOS Limited 2009.  All rights reserved.  Figure 1.2 sourced from  Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE®, 2009 edition.
  • Principles

    The PRINCE2 Principles are the guiding obligations of what makes PRINCE2 a project. These are derived from lessons learned, both good and bad, that have affected project success. 

  • Themes

    The PRINCE2 Themes cover key aspects of project management that must be addressed continuously throughout the project. There are 7 themes in PRINCE2 and these themes are integrated into each of the 7 processes.

  • Processes

    The PRINCE2 Processes describes the progression through the project lifecycle. Each of the 7 processes is triggered by a decision or an event outlining the activities for directing, managing and delivering the project successfully.

  • Project Environment

    The PRINCE2 Project Environment means the project must be tailored to adapt to the organization while accounting for the project size, complexity, type, geography and culture.

Additional Information

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